December 10, 2022

Dzi Bead 12 eyes - achieve perfection in all aspects of life

Bead Dzi 12 eyes helps fulfill your desires and develop such a quality as courage. Its owner can achieve perfection in all aspects of life. This powerful Dzi gives such energy with the help of which its owner will overcome all obstacles on the way to his goal. 12-eyed Dzi provides an opportunity to achieve fame and prosperity.

Dzi Bead 12 eyes

The 12-eye Dzi bead represents the 12 celestial commanders described in the Medicine Buddha sutra. They were present during the first announcement of the Medicine Buddha Sutra by the Buddha Shakyamuni. These generals provide protection during the 12-hour day period. Each of them corresponds to a certain sign of the Chinese zodiac circle.

Properties of beads to fulfill wishes

The 12-eye Dzi bead has the magical properties of the Chintamani gem. In Buddhism, Chintamani is described as a magic crystal that fulfills desires. The Chintamani Gem is a Buddhist Grail, an artifact of tremendous power. In the Western tradition there is a certain analogue of it, which in alchemy is called the philosopher's stone.

The Chintamani gemstone helps a person understand the wisdom of the Buddha, grants invincibility in business and can help fulfill the most powerful desires. The 12-eyed bead of Dzi, possessing the quality of this magic stone, helps to achieve your goals, earn a name and fame. But you should remember that you yourself are responsible for your actions. It does not matter what you want and what you get. The laws of karma remain valid. Be attentive to what you desire and do.

Practical use of Dzi beads

The 12-eye Dzi bead is very good for people in dangerous professions, where manifestations of courage, strength and endurance are especially required. It is suitable for military personnel, police officers, firefighters, athletes, especially martial artists, etc. People of these professions, wearing this bead, will receive help from 12 celestial commanders and will receive additional protection and energy for their activities.

If you feel insecure, fearful, shy and timid, then wear a 12-eyed Dzi bead. It helps to overcome all fears, real and imaginary. The person wearing it becomes more confident in himself and in his life. People who help him realize his desires and aspirations begin to attract him. And his goals begin to translate into reality.

If you are doing something and want to achieve perfection in this, then this Dzi will also help you. This is a bead for perfectionists. It helps in the desire of man to achieve excellence in any business. If your profession is related to doing something better than others, or you yourself want to achieve perfection in something, then use this Dzi bead.

And of course, this is the bead that will help you achieve the realization of your most passionate desires. With constant wearing it appears more opportunities for self-development and monetary gain. There are more people around you who will help you achieve your desires.


A Dzi bead of 12 eyes helps to achieve confidence, a good reputation and influence on others. This bead will help you to advance through the ranks, get more income or a better, higher paying job. It increases credibility and contributes to the emergence of many new opportunities that lead to the goal.

Dzi 12-eyed bead is very good for leaders. It enhances leadership skills, the ability to convince and lead people. Charisma and oratorical abilities increase. This Dzi is favorable for those who want to achieve power, power and success in society. She fulfills her wishes and helps to achieve the most cherished goals.

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