December 10, 2022

Dzi the Mortar & Pestle - intended primarily for those who are professionally involved in treating people

Dzi the Mortar & Pestle in the west is known as the Dzi diamond and pestle. This healing Dzi is intended primarily for those who are professionally involved in treating people.

Description and applies of Dzi mortar and pestle

On a Dzi bead there is a mortar and pestle with an image in the form of diamonds, between which there are pestles. This symbolizes the wisdom of those who make medicines for the sick. This Dzi increases the healer’s understanding of how sick his patient is. It helps to find exactly the recipe that will help this person.

From ancient times, medicines were made from herbs that were ground into powder using a mortar and pestle. Therefore, this symbol embodies the skill of a healer. And the diamonds that are between the pestles show the mind and knowledge with which the healer finds the right solution to treat his patients.

Dzi mortar and pestle increases the healer’s mental abilities, gives him clarity of mind for diagnosis and treatment. But it is necessary to treat not only the body, but also the spirit of the patient.

Dzi mortar and pestle

The pestle symbol on this Dzi helps you find the best medicine for your body. Glittering diamonds symbolize a medicine that helps to clear our minds of diseases and make them clean and radiant. Therefore, the diamond and pestle Dzi heals not only the body, but also our mind and soul.

The Dzi bead pestle and mortar also helps all people thank to its magical properties to drive away ghosts. If you have problems with such restless souls, or you live somewhere close to the cemetery, then this Dzi will help you sleep soundly at night.


Dzi bead mortar and pestle is one of the best Tibetan talismans for those who are engaged in healing and healing. It makes the healer more wise, and improves his ability to make the right diagnoses and prescribe the right drugs.

This Dzi helps to heal not only the body, but also the human soul from various psychological injuries and psychosomatic diseases. For all people who need protection from ghosts, a Dzi bead mortar and pestle will help with this. This Dzi also helps to improve a person’s health and make him wiser.

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