December 10, 2022

Phurba or Vajra Dzi Bead - sacred scepter that use to achieve enlightenment

The bead of Dzi Vajra represents the sacred scepter that Buddhists use to achieve enlightenment. Sometimes this bead is called Dzi Dharma or Dorje Dzi. In addition to helping to achieve enlightenment, this Dzi has a special power, giving its owner special control over surrounding people and high concentration.

Description of Vajra Dzi

On the bead of Dzi vajra is a kind of drawing that represents the vajra. “Vajra” in Sanskrit means “lightning strike” and “diamond”. The word "Dorje", which is used in Tibetan Buddhism, is synonymous with the word "vajra" from Hindu mythology. This word denotes a sacred weapon - a diamond scepter or rod, which is a symbol of supreme power and justice.

A diamond scepter painted on a Dzi vajra bead consists of several parts. The central part consists of a sphere symbolizing Sumyata - the primordial nature of the Universe that underlies all things. Two lotus flowers extend from the central sphere. One of them represents the phenomenal world (samsara), and the other represents the noumenal world (nirvana). This is one of the main dichotomies that is accessible to people who have not reached the state of enlightenment.

Properties of the Divine Diamond Scepter

The Dzi Vajra Bead is the personification of the Vajra, the weapon of the deity Indra. It represents firmness of mind and spiritual strength. This diamond scepter helps combat what prevents enlightenment.

This divine weapon helps pacify hostile beings of the supernatural world, such as ghosts, evil spirits and demons. These are the main enemies that influence our consciousness, forcing us to get stuck deeper in the phenomenal world and forget that the highest task of all beings on Earth is to reach the state of enlightenment and get out of the wheel of samsara.

"Dorje" from Tibetan, means "indestructible." This scepter is indestructible, unshakable and represents masculine power, Jan, which contributes to enlightenment and destroys ignorance and illusions. Vajra Dzi keeps the human spirit unshakable. Also, the Dzi vajra bead improves human health, helps to find true wisdom, which leads to the enlightenment of the owner of this Dzi bead.


The bead of Dzi Vajra will help you cope with the negative energies and evil spirits that attack our body and consciousness in order to interfere with spiritual growth. This Dzi helps to overcome illiteracy, helps to gain knowledge, new insights and achieve enlightenment.

Wear this Dzi vajra with other beads and your path to enlightenment will become easier and faster.

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