December 10, 2022

Dzi Bead 3 eyes - Brings Wealth

Dzi Bead 3 eyes brings wealth to its owner. The three eyes of this bead symbolize the god of wealth Kubera in Tibet. Two eyes correspond to the eyes of this deity, and the third to his mouth. The 3 eyes of Dzi also symbolize the unification in one whole of the 3 key components of a person: body, mind and soul. Such a harmonious combination of soul, mind and body contributes to the achievement of good health, success and wealth.

Kubera - the god of wealth

Dzi 3-eyed bead is considered an expression of the Hindu god Kubera. Kubera became the god of wealth after he indulged in many years of severe austerities. As a reward for this, the supreme god Brahma made him the keeper of all earthly riches and granted him immortality. The god of wealth Kubera is also known in the Buddhist tradition. Usually depicted as a small chubby man, adorned with precious stones, holding a pot of money and a mongoose, belching precious stones.

The main task of God Kubera on Earth is the protection of earthly riches and their equal distribution in proportion to the karmic merits of people. Therefore, it is believed that wearing a bead of 3 eyes of Dzi helps its owner to get the due share of wealth from the pot of this god.

Application of 3-Eye Dzi Beads

A Tibetan 3-eyed Dzi bead can be worn as an amulet of wealth on a cord, in a bracelet or necklace. This bead also works well in the form of a keychain on a bag, for keys, etc. You can just put it in a purse or pocket.

Three-eyed Dzi Beads

The possession of a Tibetan Dzi bead 3 eyes increases the ability of its owner to accumulate wealth through the crystallization of opportunities for making money. It is the accumulation of wealth, that is, its accumulation. This is not a momentary gain in the lottery, but a gradual buildup of one’s wealth, because it symbolizes the wealth of the Tibetan god Kubera.

This bead is intended for the accumulation of benefits, ideal for anyone who wants to save a certain amount, reliably keeps them from spending extra money, money ceases to “leak through your fingers”.

It also balances the vital energy of Ci through a harmonious combination of spiritual forces, mind and bodily energy. Thanks to this, good health is achieved.

Therefore, the Dzi bead 3 eyes not only the bead of wealth affects much larger aspects of our lives and brings both good luck in money matters and the respect of others, happiness and longevity.

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