December 10, 2022

Lotus Bud Dzi Bead - symbolizes the untapped potential for awakening

The bead of the Dzi Lotus Bud helps to gain wide fame for its owner. The lotus bud symbolizes the untapped potential that is within us and ready for awakening. This is the potential for enlightenment. This is an internal force that begins to manifest and gives a person new qualities and new opportunities.

On the bead of the Dzi Lotus bud there is an image in the form of 4 lotus bud (in the form of hearts) and two sacred eyes. This bead helps to strengthen the human energy shell - the aura, attracts love and luck to the life of its owner. Relationships with other people improve, and the person wearing this Dzi begins to attract more attention and becomes popular.

Practical use

Dzi Lotus bud Bead is useful for people in public professions who want to be very popular in society. A strengthened aura enhances a person's attractiveness. People begin to reach for such a person. The love and trust of the public is strengthened and the owner of the bead is in the center of public attention.

For those people who seek enlightenment, this Dzi Lotus Bud bead will also be very helpful. To achieve a state of enlightenment, you need to clear your karma and cope with all the negative aspects that a person carries. The bead of Dzi Lotus Bud helps to identify all the negativity that has accumulated in a person and surrounds him.

Dzi lotus bud

After the owner of the bead becomes able to see previously hidden karmic problems, he becomes able to deal with them. And his karma begins to thin out, improve, and he will be able to quickly cope with karmic attachments, get out of the wheel of samsara - the cycle of birth and death and achieve enlightenment.


The Dzi Lotus Bud bead will help those who want to achieve wide popularity in society, as well as those who want to get out of the chain of rebirth and achieve enlightenment. It will help awaken your potential, dormant like a lotus bud and blossom like this magnificent flower, revealing your abilities in its entirety.

Carry this Dzi bead on its own or as a bundle with other Dzi beads to get the most out of your goal, which is why you wear these Tibetan talismans. Such a kit and work on your goal in life is the best option to achieve the desired in the shortest possible time.

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