December 10, 2022

Green Tara Dzi Beads - helps people in life and promotes a career

Dzi Tara's bead helps eliminate obstacles and setbacks. It helps people in life and promotes a career, gaining wealth and fulfilling wishes. Dzi green Tara relieves from suffering, pain and disease. Helps to create and establish relationships in the family. Helps women who want to have children, promotes motherhood and prolongs life.

Goddess Green Tara

Green Tara symbolizes one of the 21 hypostases of the goddess Tara. Green Tara is the most dynamic manifestation of the goddess Tara. Its color symbolizes youth and activity.

The Buddha of karma (law of action) Amoghasiddhi is also depicted in green colors. This is another confirmation that they belong to the same family and Green Tara is also a goddess of action, but in a female incarnation. Therefore, the power of the goddess, embedded in the Tibetan bead Dzi Tara positively affects the fulfillment of the karmic tasks of its owner.

She is often portrayed sitting in a relaxed pose with her elongated right leg. This shows her readiness for action. She is ready to quickly jump up and go to the aid of someone who needs her. Her left leg is bent and is in the lotus position - a pose of meditation. This posture symbolizes the integration of wisdom, art and willingness to act.

The fingers of the left hand of the goddess Tara are folded in a mudra that grants shelter from the dangers that a person faces in life. She holds in her hand the stem of the lotus, which is located above her left shoulder. This symbolizes purity and strength. The fingers of the right hand of Green Tara are folded in a gesture that bestows benefit to all living creatures on Earth.

The origin of the goddess Tara

Legend has it that the Avalokiteshvara Buddha looked down at the earth from his heavens and burst into tears when he saw that more and more living beings were in pain and suffering. Green Tara was born from a stream of tears from his right eye, and White Tara was born from tears from his left eye.

According to another legend, Green Tara was born into a royal family. The princess was very compassionate, regularly prayed, made offerings, and was engaged in spiritual cultivation. Seeing her spiritual merits, the monks told her that they would pray that she would be reborn as a man in order to spread the teachings of Buddhism, since only male monks are preachers in Buddhism.

To this she replied that there were no men and women. They do not exist in reality. And that she would like to remain in a female form in order to serve other beings until they reach enlightenment. Since then, the biggest task of the goddess Tara is to help all beings get out of the wheel of samsara and achieve enlightenment.

Application of Dzi Tara Beads

Dzi Tara bead helps to overcome dangers, fears, anxieties and helps in the implementation of desires. It helps to turn a dangerous situation into a safe one, suffering disappears and a person becomes happy.

For those women who want to know the happiness of motherhood, Dzi Green Tara helps to get pregnant. She protects the family and the hearth from all sorts of dangers. It also helps to find a betrothed, create a family and harmonizes relationships in the family.

For those embarking on the path to enlightenment, the Dzi Tara bead helps to avoid the dangers on it. It helps those who follow the path of self-improvement to get rid of the following eight negative qualities:

  • pride
  • ignorance
  • hatred
  • envy
  • fanaticism
  • greed
  • lust
  • doubt

Dzi Green Tara helps to overcome these obstacles that prevent us from freeing ourselves from the karmic bonds that keep us in the cycle of rebirth and out of the chain of rebirth. The special mantra helps with this: "Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha". Reading or chanting this mantra helps to defeat all demons and helps to achieve enlightenment.


The bead of Dzi Tara protects from all dangers, grants success, prosperity, helps to become a mother and live in a harmonious and happy family. This Dzi also promotes spiritual growth and helps those who are engaged in spiritual self-improvement and try to achieve enlightenment.

This is one of the most powerful Tibetan talismans, which aims to relieve the suffering and pain experienced by living beings. With the help of a Dzi Tara bead, a person fulfills his desires and his life improves. Wear this Dzi bead and find your happiness!

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