December 10, 2022

Guan Yin Dzi Bead - personifies the essence of the goddess Kuan Yin

The bead Dzi Kuan Yin personifies the essence of the goddess Kuan Yin. She is a Bodhisattva who is portrayed in a female form. Goddess Kuan Yin is the goddess of mercy. In Tibet, she is also known as the Chenrezi Buddha - the Buddha of Compassion. This is the most revered Buddha in Tibet.

Guan Yin Dzi Bead

Goddess Kuan Yin bead Dzi is a symbol of compassion and mercy. It contributes to the establishment of peace and harmony. Brings a divine blessing. Defeats the disease, relieves stress. Helps women who have problems conceiving a baby. Helps to get rid of resentment and to establish peace of mind in the soul.

About the goddess Kuan YinThe goddess Kuan Yin is described as a goddess who "looks and listens to what is happening in the world." She hears the unhappy voices of people who need help. She perceives all the sufferings of this world and helps to get rid of them. Kuan Yin loves all creatures, just as a mother loves her children. And it helps everyone to get rid of the negative, find happiness and get out of the wheel of samsara.

Goddess Kuan Yin

Legend has it that the goddess Kuan Yin vowed to do everything to save all living beings from suffering. Since then, she has no peace and is constantly helping everyone to live on earth. Since there is a lot of suffering on earth, her head was cracked by such an amount of grief, and her hands did not have time to do good. Therefore, now this goddess is often portrayed with many faces and many hands, in order to have time to hear everyone and help everyone.

Practical use

Bead Dzi Kuan Yin protects against all types of physical and psychological harm. It helps determine which people in your environment have harbored evil and are trying to do harm. It protects and reduces the power of various negative emotions and attacks directed against you.

The bead Dzi Kuan Yin protects from anger, hatred, dousing and evil gossip of people around you. It reduces the impact and can completely prevent the appearance of "oblique" looks, full of arrogance and disgust towards you.

This Dzi bead can quickly help its owner get out of a difficult financial situation. Helps attract people with the power and authority to make your life better. They will help you make a good career and succeed in society.

The bead of Dzi Kuan Yin helps to overcome the early grievances inflicted on you and prevent new ones. Helps in family life, protects the hearth. It is good to wear it to those women who want to become pregnant and continue their family. In general, if there are problems associated with the genus, it is useful to wear this Dzi bead.

Of particular importance to women

Kuan Yin is the goddess of compassion and mercy. She reveals in a woman all the facets of her real femininity, helps to correct the problems of upbringing and childhood injuries. Because of these psychodramas, a woman feels inferior, full of fear, pain, anger, chaos, cannot call a worthy Man to herself and is not able to be under his protection and patronage, follow him, and not be afraid or be a rival.

A woman relaxes, calms down, learns to enjoy life, becomes a beautiful and attractive soul and her tenderness, and not like a female, ready to mate ... A woman begins to love and value herself, becomes smooth and charming, her health improves, her nerves come in order ... Husbands fall in love again or generally departed happily return. If there is no partner, then the woman ceases to be nervous about this, and therefore, she becomes even more attractive as a potential spouse, and not as a temporary woman for pleasure.

Dzi Kuan Yin helps to get pregnant if the woman herself wants it. A woman slowly uses not the masculine mind, but begins to acquire vital wisdom, as her mother should use nature.


Due to its properties to remove all negative from a person’s environment, the Dzi Kuan Yin bead is good for everyday use by all people. But it is especially good for women. It not only protects against a variety of external attacks and aggression, but also helps to relieve the pain received earlier in life. In addition, this Dzi bead establishes a relationship with the entire race and helps to extend it, granting new lives.

For women engaged in spiritual practices and seeking to achieve the disclosure and perfection of their personality as Women, this Dzi bead will become a guide to intimate knowledge, teach true femininity, reveal the great destiny of the entire female gender, help to find peace and balance in the soul, harmony, sensitivity, understanding, gentleness, sincerity in all perceptions of life. He will reconcile with what is happening, calm and balance, direct in the right direction of development, nourish with feminine soft and supple force.

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