December 10, 2022

Star Dzi Bead - symbol of the natural universal law

Bead Dzi Star - a symbol of the natural universal law, personifying the accumulation of virtues and virtues. On this bead, a star can be expressed in the form of a five-pointed star or in the form of a point with rays emanating from it.

Star Dzi Bead

This is a rather rare bead. Usually, a star is depicted on a Dzi bead in conjunction with the Sun and Moon. Such a bead is called the Dzi Universe or “Sun, Moon & Star” and has the quality of universal energy. Read more about the Dzi Universe in this article.

Dzi Star Bead Apply

Bead Dzi star helps the manifestation of virtues and the movement forward of its owner along the path of spiritual perfection. Also, this Dzi has an impact on the material wealth of its owner. She is attracting money like a magnet. Therefore, this Dzi can be used to help in the accumulation of funds.

If your goal is to achieve material well-being, then you can use this Dzi bead as your assistant in this. But it will be more effective if, along with it, you take other Tibetan talismans aimed at this goal.

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