December 10, 2022

Bird Dzi Bead - helps in the implementation of communication

Dzi bird bead is one of the most powerful talismans that helps in the implementation of communication. This talisman helps with all forms of written communication through texts, books, etc. Dzi Bird also favors the transmission of information and communication through speech and music.

Description and Application of Dzi Bird Beads

The drawing on the bead of Dzi bird looks like a stylized performance of flying gulls. Typically, the pattern resembles three birds flying one above the other. The ends of the wings of the upper and lower birds are connected in the form of an arch. This is the main character on this Dzi, endowed with the power to improve any communication. Other symbols with their own meaning can also be present on the bead, which contribute their nuances to the energy and strength of a particular Dzi bead.

Dzi bird

Since ancient times, birds have been used as messengers to transmit messages. It is believed that the birds depicted on this Dzi carry the messages of the owner and deliver them to heaven. Birds are some of the best singers on Earth, and they also symbolize music coming from heaven.

Since the Dzi bird bead helps in many types of communication, this bead will be useful as a strong talisman for people of the following specialties:

  • To the speakers.
  • To the musicians.
  • To the announcers.
  • To lecturers.
  • To the artists.
  • To the writers.
  • To the teachers.
  • To everyone who is involved in writing something, communicating to other people information through speech, texts and music.

For people of creative professions, Dzi bird will be useful in that it helps to "catch" a creative message from heaven in the form of pictures or music. This can be described as a visit to the muse. But you have to be careful. Since if a person has a weak psyche, such pictures and sounds can be perceived as hallucinations.

Dzi bird bead has a very strong male energy. It can be so much that it may be excessive for the owner of this bead. Therefore, you need to "get used" to wearing this Dzi. You can not vilify a lot, and then put it off for a while. It will also be good if you balance this Yang energy by wearing other Dzi beads with pronounced Yin energy.

Dzi bird

This imbalance of Yang energy is also dangerous in that it can give rise to excessive confidence in the owner of the bead Dzi bird. Such excessive self-confidence leads to arrogance and selfishness. And if Dzi is used to satisfy the ego of the bead owner, then this can lead to negative karma.

But if the owner of the Dzi bead uses the bird with an open heart and uses it only to hear the heavens and comprehensively improve his communication, then communication is being established with the whole world. Karma improves and life becomes richer and more colorful.


The Dzi bird bead is a great helper in the modern world, where you simply cannot do without information and good communication ability. Wear this Dzi, become more capable and sociable and your life will gain new colors, become joyful and happy.

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