December 10, 2022

Tiger Tooth Dzi Bead - focus and realize personal aspirations

The Dzi bead Tiger Tooth gives its owner willpower and tenacity. This bead helps to focus and realize personal aspirations. This Dzi helps to overcome fears and instills confidence and strength, so that you can bravely go through any difficulties and obstacles in life.

Tiger Tooth Dzi Bead

In addition, the Dzi tiger bead is a great helper that provides reliable protection. This Dzi blocks and makes negative energy directed at you disappear, thereby protecting you from evil and black magic.

The Dzi tiger bead is a symbol of justice and a successful career. It helps the owner to increase focus, determination and success in completing goals.

The tooth of the tiger Dzi is also revered as a spiritual object, able to protect from evil entities and negative circumstances, providing not only mental and spiritual, but also physical protection. Dzi bead tiger tooth is ideal for a person who often encounters obstacles and wants to draw strength in overcoming them.

Description and application of Dzi tiger tooth

The pattern on the Dzi bead tiger tooth resembles a wavy pattern. But unlike the smooth pattern on the Dzi wave bead, on the bead the Dzi tiger tooth has a wavy pattern that has sharper and sharper edges that resemble tiger fangs.

On the Dzi bead, a tiger tooth, in addition to a wavy pattern designating the tiger fangs themselves, there may be other symbols with corresponding meanings. Such beads have additional characteristics and the power of these extra characters. In addition, there are Dzi with a double row of tiger fangs. Such beads have more power than beads with a single-row pattern of tiger fangs.

Dzi classic “Tiger Fangs” outwardly differs from the Dzi Double Tiger Fang design. Very often Dzi Horse is confused with Dzi Tiger Fang. But these are two Dzi with completely different purposes.

Dzi tiger tooth allows its owner to concentrate as much as possible on the task before him. This Dzi gives tremendous willpower and concentration of attention, due to which a person inseparably follows his goal until its completion. And after the goal is achieved, there comes true relaxation and enjoyment of the goal achieved.

This is joy and happiness from the accomplished task. This is neither stress nor depressed state, which is typical for people with less concentration in the work process and inability to switch attention. That is a state of true happiness from the goal achieved.


The Dzi bead is a tiger tooth - a symbol of strength and wealth. It brings a constant stream of wealth and good luck, provides additional energy, confidence and determination, which will help to overcome all obstacles on the way to your goal.

Along with willpower and determination to achieve the goal, this Dzi protects its owner from the negative forces that can meet in his way and gives good health. This Dzi will help entrepreneurs, businessmen and everyone who sets specific goals and who seek to achieve their implementation.

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