December 10, 2022

Dzi Bead 7 eyes - career growth, achieving wealth

A 7-eye Dzi bead favors seven different aspirations in life. These are aspirations in career growth, achieving wealth, prosperity, longevity, improving relationships, gaining recognition and self-improvement. Wearing this bead allows you to achieve success at work and in your personal life, strengthens your health and harmonizes the condition of a person.

The healing properties of Dzi beads

Tibetan bead Dzi 7 eyes symbolizes the constellation Ursa Major. The 7 eyes of Dzi beads represent 7 stars from this constellation. In Tibet, they believe that Ursa Major is a manifestation of the seven Buddhas of medicine.

The main task of these seven Buddhas is to free all living beings from diseases of an external and internal nature. The main Buddha of medicine, or medicine guru, is depicted with a blue body, which symbolizes wisdom and the fact that it is an emanation of the healing power of all Buddhas. In his left hand he holds a bowl filled with healing nectar, and in his right-hand squeezes a medicinal plant.

The Buddha of medicine helps a person to awaken the bodily and psychic powers that we can use to heal ourselves and help other people. These are not some external forces that help us, this is what is inside us, in our consciousness. These are the dormant forces that can be awakened by meditation, awareness of the moment “now”, visualization and other spiritual practices.

Upon awakening, this inner source exerts tremendous healing power. It opens the reserves of the human body and spirit and is able to fully reveal the true personal potential of a person. Tibetan bead Dzi 7 eyes helps in unlocking this inner potential.

Practical benefit

Due to its amazing qualities, Dzi Bead 7 eyes is one of the most popular Tibetan beads. And every person striving for self-improvement should have it in his collection. Of course, in itself, nothing happens without working on oneself. But when wearing the 7th eye, Dzi beads accomplishments are easier than without her help.

Wearing it brings great abundance and good luck in business. This 7-eye Dzi is good for starting new business. At the same time, revenues increase and the needs of its owner are most fully satisfied. It makes the path to achieving the goal more smooth and calm.

This 7-eyed Dzi is useful both in the social aspects of a person’s life and also benefits its owner. Social aspects are work, business, family, relationships in the team and gaining fame in society. And it helps the person himself, bringing him health and longevity and helps to reveal the internal reserves of the body.

Such a wide spectrum of action of this bead explains its popularity. Add it to your collection.

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